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All shows are adaptable
In size : in solo, duet, trio or more
In length : 45mn, 60mn, 75mn, 90mn …

In English or in French
For all kinds of audiences

Popular Shows

Helene Engel and her musical bands can offer a consistant number of shows.
Below are the 3 most popular ones, and on the right, a whole choice of other programs

Traditional songs as well as modern compositions in brand new arrangements from the Jewish traditions of all over the world. Discover the gems of the Jewish culture, seasoned with humor  and a tad of nostalgia.
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Fêtes des Neiges
Songs of the winter season: Chanukkah, Christmas etc. from all over the world in original language.
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3 musicians from 3 continents blend their Mediterranean melodies, klezmer chords and Indian rhythms to enchant you.


Other Shows

French-Jewish Mosaic
Old and contemporary songs by both Jewish and non-Jewish composers, with themes linked to Jewish life mainly in French It includes  also a few folksongs translated into French, several bilingual or trilingual songs, and essentially texts in French.

Words of Women
Women songs in all styles: French chansons and folksongs from around the world. Sweet songs, fighting songs, songs of struggle and songs of hope.

One, two three, won't you sing with me
Children's songs in many languages. Songs of laughter, of surprise; songs for listening and for singing along; songs that make you want to clap your hands or close your eyes. Something for every taste and every age.

La Serena
Sephardic romances from Spain and the Middle-East. An atmosphere of passion and dreams, wanders and wonders, on a backdrop of purple and gold.

Yiddish songs of love and daily life in the shtetl, From Vilna to Brooklyn , a bitter-sweet mixture of tenderness and irony, tragedy and humor.

World tour in music
Folksongs from just about everywhere around the world: France , Russia , Eastern Europe , America , Quebec , Middle-East, Africa ....

Cocorico la France
Paris - steamy, seamy, saucy and gay! Hélène Engel sings turn-of-the century Paris . The Paris of cafés, pleasure gardens and romantic afternoons. She interprets songs of Piaf, Brel, Ferré, Ferrat, Moustaki, Reggiani, Gainsbourg and of her friend Danielle Messia. Charm, wit, realism and poetry are intertwined in this varied repertoire in RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Ainsi va la vie
Philosophical meditations in music

The Rooster and the Beaver
Folksongs from the cultures of France and Quebec. Distant cousins in time and space, the French and Quebecois have much more in common than just a language: always ready for an argument, passionate in love, gourmet food and numerous songs.