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Voyages Album Cover

Special thanks to Paul Century, Yolande Amzallag and Pierrette Laroche for their support, their help and their comments all along this VOYAGE.

The song Shalom Rav is dedicated to Sylvie Brajtman.

The song Helene’s Nigun is dedicated to Jacques Grober.

This CD is like a snapshot of the show « Voyage » performed by Helene Engel and her musicians for several years… with some little changes. Henri plays here accordion, basse, percussions, … Marie-Neige inovates with new counterpoint and Helene sings 3 parts at the same time. A miracle from technology that only rabbi Elimelekh could explain with some unknowm passage from the Torah.
Ot Azoy

(Click HERE for the lyrics to these songs)
1     Introduction

2     Suite Rabbinik -- Rabbinical Suite
3     Le Petit Juif - Little Jewish Man

4     Fel Shara
5     Arum dem fayer
6     Maguen Ossim
7     Quando el Rey Nimrod
8     Shalom Rav

9     Bei mir bistu sheyn

10     Lomir zikh iberbetn

11     Sapozhkelekh
12     Mipi el
13     La Cannelle et le cumin
14     Kesl Gardn
15     Bublichki
16     Ocho Candelicas

17     Hélène’s nigun


The Trio Hélène Engel, with:
Henri Oppenheim : Accordion, Back vocals, Programming, Arrangements and much more
Marie-Neige Lavigne : Violin and Back vocals

Lullabies and rhymes in Yiddish, French and English. Nostalgia of childhood and times forever gone, and continuity of a tradition from one generation to the next. The booklet includes the lyrics in Yiddish and their translation into French and English as well as a brief note about each song.

(Click HERE for the lyrics to these songs)
1     In an orem shtibele
2     A katz un a mayzl

3     Trift a regendl
4     Ay li lu li

5     Unter di grininke beymelekh

6     Ketzele
7     Kh'vil nit geyn in kheyder
8     Feygele
9     À la claire fontaine
10     Lomir zikh iberbetn
11     Durme, durme
12     Unter dem kinds vigele

13     Le grand cerf
14     Unter beymer

15     Beker
16     Hezele
17     Khinezerl
18     Viglid
19     Partizaner viglid
20     Tantz Lid
21     Nouvel arrivant - Newcomer
22     Zing Shtil
23     Nit keyn rozhinkes, nit keyn mandlen
24     Rozhinkes mit mandlen
25     Noah


Hélène Engel : Voix -Vocals
Helmi Aljarrah : Violon - Violin
Paul Century : Guitare - Guitar
Bob Cohen : Guitare, Mandoline - Guitar, Mandolin
Jean-Guy Comeau : Synthétiseur, Xylophones - Synthetizer - Xylophones
Gaby Cornu : Guitare - Guitar
Ion Cracea : Accordéon - Accordion
Trevor Ferrier : Percussions - Percussions
David Gossage : Flûtes - Flutes
Denis Hébert : Piano, Synthétiseur - Piano, synthetizer
Claude Schneegans : Guitare - Guitar
Daniel Thonon : Vielle à roue, accordéon - Hurdy-gurdy, accordion
Joel Zifkin : Violon - Violin
And the voices of 20 FACE school students directed by : Jean-Guy Comeau Arrangements : Hélène Engel
Production: Alias record

de Tolède... à Brooklyn
Errances Album Cover
(Click HERE for the lyrics to these songs)
From Toledo…
1      Adonenu (Yougoslavia)
2      Porque llorax blanca nina (Salonica)
3      Mi padre era de Francia (Turkey)
4      De que estas triste (Bulgaria)
5      Van y vienen havadizes (Turkey)
6      Arvoles lloran por lluvia (North Africa)
7      En la eshkola de la allianza (Turkey)
8      Viaje hize, viaje grande (Western Mediterranea)
9      Yendome para Marsilia (Turkey)
10    Sion tu mi ojo preto (North Africa & Jerusalem)

…to Brooklyn
11     Zog Maran (A. Reizen – S. Bugatsh)
12     Eyn zakh (Anonymous Russian)
13     Bublitshki (Traditional Russian)
14     Shlof mayn kind (Sholem Aleikhem)
15     Kolombus (Meyerowitz, Perlmutter & Wohl)
16     Kesl Gardn (M. Rosenfeld – M. Warshawsky)
17     Shmilik Gavrilik (L. Reingold - G. Mendelson)
18     Di grine kuzine (J. Leiserowitz – A. Schwartz)
19     Birobidzhane Viglid (I. Feffer – R. Boyarskaya)
20     A Heymisher bulgar (A. Ellstein)

Helene ENGEL : Vocals, back vocals, programmation
Simon KAMELHER : Guitars, back vocals, programmation
BRIEGH : violin, clarinet, flute
Alex BARCELONA : Accordion
Marc ISRAEL : Bass
Edmond ZARTARIAN : Percussions
Jacques GROBER : Vocals
Jacques GOMEZ and Pasdcal HILD : Back vocals


Sefardic folksongs, from Europe and Middle-East. Romances evoking old times and medieval atmosphere.

La Serena Album Cover
(Click HERE for the lyrics to these songs)
1     La Serena (Middle-East)
2     Cuando el Rey Nimrod (Morroco)
3     Tres hermanicas (Orient)
4     Rucu quere cama a la Franca (Turkey)
5     Esta Rahel la estimoza (Morroco)
6     Fel Shara (Turkey)
7     Morenica (Middle-East)
8     Avre este abat-jour bijou (Middle-East)
9     Adio querida (Middle-East)
10    Una muchacha en Selanica (Salonica)
11    Yo m'enamori d'un aire (Middle-East)
12    Mi suegra (Middle-East)
13    Por la tu puerta yo pasi (Middle-East)

Hélène Engel : Vocals
Pierre Bénichou : Guitar & Arrangements (


Songs from different Jewish traditions

Chansons Traditionals Album Cover
(Click HERE for the lyrics to these songs)

1     Be’er Bassadeh (Hebrew) 2:17
2     Arvolicos de Almendra (Turkey, sefardic) 2:10
3     Hungerik daïn ketzele (Yiddish) 3:16
4     Se opaseava Silvana (Spain, sefardic) 4:20
5     A retenish (Yiddish) 3:30
6     Urim Burim (Yiddish) 2 :20
7     Fel Shara (Turkey, lingua franca) 1:55
8     Shomer mah milel (Hebrew) 2:17
9     Bar Kokhba (Hebrew) 2:05
10    A la una yo naci (Middle-East, sefardic) 2:50
11    Histapkhus hanefesh (Yiddish) 3:35
12    Prière pour les martyrs (Hebrew) 2:45
13    El rey que muncho madruga (Macedonia, sefardic) 3:00

Hélène Engel : Vocals
Simon Kamelher : Guitar
Philippe Racoupeau : Bass Guitar
Briegh : Violin
Edmond Zartarian : Percussion
Arrangements : Hélène Engel
Cover drawings : David B. 
Recorded and mixed at studio EMA by DANY MAHLER
With the collaboration of Sylvie Brajtman and Guillermo Jerez